Peter Pan

Tick, Tock!

August 20, 2021 Ballarat National Theatre Season 1 Episode 19
Peter Pan
Tick, Tock!
Show Notes

Chapter 15 – Hook and his crew have captured the children and are about to make them walk the plank, but the pirates are being taken out one by one. Who or what is doing this?

This episode was directed by Elizabeth Bradford with Olivia French and Marli van der Bijl.

It features the voices of Matthew Bradford as Narrator, Trillian Sharples as Peter Pan, Alana Denham-Preston as Wendy Darling, Joseph Appleton as John Darling, Felix Steinwandel as Michael Darling, Evie Ifandoudas as Tootles, Megan Lilley as Slightly, Eloise Keppler as Nibs, Solveig Yen as Curly, Katerina Ifandoudas as Twin 1, Irini Ifandoudas as Twin 2, Emily Archer as Pockets, Barry Kay as Captain Hook, Annie Laurenson as Smee, Conagh Punch as Gentleman Starkey, Jono Lukins as Teynte and Mullins, Daniel Lamech as Bill Jukes, Jack Emond as Chameleon, Paul Canlan as Cecco, Fred Preston as Cookson and Nigel Goodwin as Noodler.

Sound design for this episode by Elizabeth Bradford and musical direction by Marli van der Bijl. Attributions for this episode can be found here.

The theme song for our production is Nefeli by Stamatis Seraphim.

This production was directed by Elizabeth Bradford, Olivia French and Marli van der Bijl and prepared for production by Tyrone Cross, Amanda Mill, Angela Olwyn on behalf of Ballarat National Theatre. Original story by James M. Barrie and adapted for audio by Elizabeth Bradford, Olivia French, Angela Olwyn and Marli van der Bijl.

This production was produced on the lands of the Boonwurrung, Wadawurrung and Wurundjeri people. Cast recordings for this episode were made on the lands of the Bunurong, Dja Dja Wurrung, Eastern Maar, Eora, Gadigal, Kaurna, Ngunnawal, Noongar, Taungurung, Wadawurrung, Wangal, Whadjuk, Woi Wurrung and Wurundjeri people. Ballarat National Theatre acknowledges and pays respect to our traditional custodians and to their past, present and emerging leaders.

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